Fidaa Salem

اعلامي طموح - الاردن

فداء سالم
اعلامي،خريج كلية الاعلام جامعة بغداد.بدأ مشواره كإعلامي عام ٢٠٠٢ و بعدها اتجه للعمل كمراسل مع فوكس نيوز و رويترز،تعرض للتهديد اثر مجموعة تقارير و خطر عملية اغتيال و انتقل عام ٢٠٠٨ الى الاردن.
-“شلون نميت موهبتك كإعلامي؟”
-“هو دور الاعًلامي يحاول دائماً ان يثقف نفسه و ميوگف عند مكان و طبعا مجموعة من الاشخاص ساندوني من البداية”.

-“بأي عمر اكتشفت ميولك للاعلام؟”
-“اني من الاشخاص اللي جنت بالمدرسة اقرة تحية العلم و من البداية مجانت عندي رهبة او خوف و من اول شهرين بالجامعة أُعتمدت بصحيفة الاعلام”

-“منو اكثر شخص ساندك بموهبتك”
-“اني دائما اقول انه بهاي المهنة اكو عنصرين اصحاب فضل عليه،اولاً رب العالمين لان رزقني اكون بهاي المهنة و والدي الله يرحمة ، دائما من يكون والدك موجود بحياتك يكون اكو شي اسمه دافع”.

-“من خلال مهنتك شنو تحب تقدم للعراق؟”
-“اولى الخطوات اللي مقدميها للعراق احنه اليوم عدنا اذاعة مو ببلدنا بالاردن و دنحاول نوصل صورة العراقيين الايجابية”.

و اخيراً اضاف فداء قائلاً:”من الجيد ان لا نفكر ان العراقي لابس بدلة عسكرية و ديحارب و اليوم لازم تنتهي هاي الصورة.عدنا كمية مثقفين و كمية علماء و فنانين،عمالقة و مبدعين.العراق ميولد العنف و هذا المجتمع خلّاق.لازم يعرف العالم انه اول اذاعة كانت موجوده بالوطن العربي هي اذاعة عراقية و كانت تبث من قصر الزهور”.

An informative, who graduated from faculty of information of Baghdad university . In 2002 he began his career as an informative. Later on he started working with Fox News & Reuters as a reporter. In 2008 he moved to Jordan due to the danger of the assassination and because he has been threatened due to a group of reports.
-How did you develop your talent as an informative?

“Being an informative is all about educating yourself, it never stops at a place and of course many people have supported me from the start”.
-At what age you discovered your tendency towards media?
Back in school, when I used to read the salutation of the flag I didn’t have fear neither the panic so in the first two months in university I started working in media newspaper.
-Who is the person that has always been supporting your talent?
When it comes to this profession, I always say there are two elements of success , to begin with , God who has blessed me with this career and secondly, my father “ may his soul rest in peace” , when your father is always by your side there is something called “motive”
-Through your career, what would you like to give to Iraq?
Having a broadcast that is not only based in Iraq but also in Jordan that shows the positive correct image about Iraqis is only the beginning of my goal.
-And finally Fidaa added “ It’s good that we don’t think of the Iraqi citizen as a soldier who only fights We have to change this image today, We have many intellectuals, scientists , artists, as well as creative people. A violence cannot be born within a country, and so is Iraq. The world has to know that within this cultured country, it had the very first broadcast station in the Arab world which it used to broadcast from the flowers palace”.



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