Ali Zaini

دكتور, رسام وعازف عود - الاردن

A dentist and a fine artist who is also a painter and a Lute player , holding a Baccalaureate certificate in dentistry, Dr. Ali discovered his tendencies toward art and painting after his graduation as a result ; he joined several sessions at the arts institute and folklore in order to develop his talent. Dr. Ali tries to balance his time between working on his artistic talent and the clinic work.
Because there was not much of supporting foundations Dr. Ali mentioned that it was one of the most prominent obstacles he had to face because he was expatriate, He also talked about society’s point of view about art “some people judge and forbid art like carving and painting which I think they should not because fine art is a known cultural activity in Iraq.
Taking into account the political issues that Iraq have suffered from, Dr. Ali mentioned “the last exhibition I worked on, it was talking about woman, I used this exhibition as a way to deliver a message to the patriarchal societies that to them; the women do not have role nor the standing in the society and how to change this idea by influencing them more often”
As an artist this work is considered to be one of the many things that Dr. Ali offered to Iraq.
By focusing on his role as an artist, Dr. Ali aims to keep on pointing out many cases to discuss so we could find solutions to our problems. He quoted “If you study art, dentistry or any major that you get into, what matters the most is to be a diligent , hard working person , you have to love what you do with passion , because in the end , what you have worked for will not be good to you but to the rest of the people”.

دكتور علي الزيني

دكتور اسنان،فنان تشكيلي،رسام و عازف على العود.اكمل دراسته في جامعة بغداد بتخصص طب اسنان و بعد تخرجه اكتشف ميوله للفن و الرسم،التحق بعدة دورات بمعهد الفنون و التراث الشعبي لتطوير موهبته.يوازن دكتور عليه بين مواهبه عن طريق تقسيم وقته بين العيادة و الفن.

ذكر دكتور علي ايضاً ان ابرز العوائق الفنية هو عدم وجود مؤسسة داعمة كونه خارج العراق مغترباً و يشكو من وجهة نظر عينة من المجتمع تجاه الفن “بعضهم صار بالنسبة الهم حرام،النحت مثلا حرام و الرسم يجوز مكروه بس كنشاط ثقافي العراق متميز بالفن التشكيلي”.

تطرقاً الى الظروف السياسية التي عانى منها العراق روى دكتور علي “اني اشتغلت اخر معرض عن المرأة،كان رسالة للمجتمعات الذكورية اللي بالنسبة الهم المرأة مهمشة و ناقشت اهمية المرأة و دورها بالمجتمع”.

تعتبر هذه القضية من الامور التي قدمها الدكتور علي للعراق كونه فنان “

ركز الدكتور على دور الفنان بطرح القضايا و استفزاز المجتمع كي يفكروا،و انهى حواره بعبارة “اهم شي الواحد يكون عنده اجتهاد و يشتغل يعني اذا دخل بالفن او بطب الاسنان او اي مجال اخر لازم يحب الشي اللي ديسوي و مادام ديشتغل بشي يحبه راح يقدم شي زين اله و للناس”




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